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About me

Back in 1984 I was studying at the University of Leiden. I studied computer science. During my study I felt attracted to interaction and computer graphics, partly because other direction felt so boring and nerdy..... . The problem in those days was most computers had a graphical card that was of 1-bit, so two colors : a black background and green foreground. Some had 16 colors but at a resolution that was so bad one was not sure this would be the way to go.
Then came the Commodore Amiga with 4096 colors in 1024 by 1024 resolution, all kinds of video-modes, dual-buffers, sprites and anim-objects.
As a project I programmed a library of functions in the C-language called Amiga-GKS. And for my final work to became a Master, I programmed a set of animation functions called Amiga-ANI which allowed you to quicly create all kind of animations
During that project I got information about some art-students in Utrecht that were also doing computer-animation with the Amiga. I called them and made and appointment. We met and I experienced for the first time what creative people and IT-people can do when they work together. That was a win-win situation that I since am always looking out for, the synergy of working with people with totally different talents then mine.
Despite the above I ended up in traditional ICT and tried and tried to find my place there. That worked well but seldom with the passion I had experienced earlier.
Thanks to digital-photography I moved back to computer graphics, first as a parttime photographer, later more and more as an IT-guy that knows how to deal with graphics files on a computer and processing them for others into panorama's, virtual tours and 3D models.

Have a nice day. Make it good one.

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